Sydneys home of Loop colours
Our range
203 Loop 400ml, 19 Maxi Loop 600ml colours.
Double Acrylic paint, Massive coverage, Satin finishing, sweet pressure and a soft graffiti valve to compliment your preferred fat or skinny caps.

The Wreck Shops Vision

Being an avid graffiti artist myself, I wasnt satisfied with the substandard paint avaliable in western sydney, so with careful research & product trials, my dream of providing western sydney with quality paints at affordable prices came into fruition in 2019 with the opening of our store operating out of kennards Penrith.

Now operating from home & online, with a wide spectrum of colours in the Loop & Flame range, we continually endevour to provide a wider range of products as we grow.

Thank you for your support & hope we can grow & nurture your artistic ambitions.

Livin Astro
1999 Kode Astro
Children Of The Damned
2000 - Kode Astro
Back to Basics
2000 - Kode Astro Blame
Total Annihilation
2000 - Kode Astro Blame

Our store

2/1 Eton rd Cambridge Park N.S.W Australia 2747

Open Tuesday to Saturday ( 9am to 5pm )

( Thursday’s 9am to 9pm )